save the planet.




..have we created Huella?

We believe that everyone can step in to save our Mother Earth from an ecological disaster.


Actually, this is how Huella started - by developing a lifestyle that does not harm our only home, Earth.

Transport sector is accountable for 1/3 of all greenhouse gases. Eventually, this will be one of the biggest reasons why the world becomes uninhabitable.

Or can we prevent it?

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..does Huella help to save the world?
A smart electric bicycle

as an alternative means of transport that will not harm the Earth's eco-system like the most commonly used internal combustion engine vehicles which account for one third of total greenhouse gas emissions

Support foundations

that have commited towards cleaning our oceans from plastic pollution.


of people who are aware of climate change and are willing to step up to make an impact.



what.. Huella Bike?

Huella Bike is not a product, it's a lifestyle - a ride with a vibe of being one with mother Earth herself.

An electric motor & pedal assist

make your driving experience subtle and comfortable and keep your body and mind healthy.

Handmade bamboo frame

is light and eco-friendly made of bamboo grown in a sustainable farm by our Indian friends.

Smart control center

connected with smartphone enables you to display useful data and track your bike with GPS.

Hybrid battery system

gets extra energy from braking and therefore increases the range of your electric bicycle.

Some awesome facts.

- no traffic congestions

- get fit without breaking a sweat

- secure your bike with smart bike management system

- tread lighty with exotic bamboo frame

- riding the bike literally generates extra energy


Assist speed: 25 km/h

Range: 50-100 km, depending on terrain and assist mode

Control: Pedal torque-sensing motor control system

Connectivity: GPS tracking and motor control settings with a smartphone

Charging time: 3 hours for a full charge

Weight: 12 kg

..are leading this revolution?


Lars Henry Vehman
electron tamer

Saving the world ain't easy. That's why I like asking difficult questions. Someone's got to make the change, so why not be the one to do it?

Toomas Erik Anijärv
visionary panda

I love to solve problems like global warming stress-free. That's the whole point, right? To maximize the total happiness of humanity.

Kristo Pae
bamboo expert

As a kid, I always felt the need to create. Therefore, when it comes to looks, I don't stop until I have achieved perfection.


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