Huella Bike is an electric bamboo bicycle project.

To create this eco-friendly means of transport, we need your help!


It all started...

..when a couple of guys decided to tame some electrons.

Electric bicycles are cool, right?

They are so cool that you could use them instead of cars when commuting to work in the morning. Avoid traffic congestions, save money, get fit and contribute to saving the environment.

This was the basic idea, why we decided to create our own electric bike. We also won a crowd's favorite award in a competition with our first bike.

We are building a bike for YOU!
An electric motor & pedal assist

make your driving experience subtle and comfortable and keep your body and mind healthy.

Smart control center

connected with a smartphone enables you to control your bike and track your bike with GPS.

Handmade bamboo frame

is light and eco-friendly built by us from bamboo grown in a sustainable farm in India.

Seat tube battery solution

enables you to remove the whole battery compartment easily to recharge.

So, what now?



..are already helping us?
Let us introduce ourselves..
Lars Henry Vehman
Toomas Erik Anijärv
Kristo Pae
electron tamer

Saving the world ain't easy. That's why I like asking difficult questions. Someone's got to make the change, so why not be the one to do it?

visionary panda

I love to solve problems like global warming stress-free. That's the whole point, right? To maximize the total happiness of humanity.

bamboo expert

As a kid, I always felt the need to create. Therefore, when it comes to looks, I don't stop until I have achieved perfection.


Our team!

You can.. to get us rolling!

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